April 26th, 2010


Арни разбушевался

American: That's good :) I'm not working today I am going to go protest against the city closing the libraries.
Andrew Podluzhnov: in you city close library?! why?
American: Our mayor is corrupt He has been stealing money from the city
Andrew Podluzhnov: :) maybe they russians?
American: Now he says the city has no money, and he wants to close our public services down
American: :) Our mayor is Mexican

Andrew Podluzhnov: how much money do they need?
American: The libraries need at least $25 million a year to stay open
Andrew Podluzhnov: wow! 25 mln on the lybrary?
American: Los Angeles is big, so we have many libraries and librarians The librarians don't make much money
Andrew Podluzhnov: Petersburg too, but for oure lybrary government
American: We have 2 different types of libraries. We have the state libraries, and the city libraries
American: Our governor (Arnold Swartzenager) is corrupt as well
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